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8 Modern machinery for farming which are really awesome

Modern machinery for farming
Written by Dr. Shaun Murphy

Welcome to farming ocean today, Lets talk about 8 machinery for farming which are really awesome.

Importance of Farm Machinery

1. By using the farm machinery which will reduce the labor work.

2. It helps them to produce the required kind of goods in the quantity demanded, unlike the traditional days where humans and horses were excessively used.

3. Keep complete records of fieldwork done by various machines and the number of working days available for critical field operations. By knowing the average capacity of machines and the number of workdays available, a more effective job of selecting machinery is possible.

4. It is help us to complete our work in few time, it will save our time.

5. In terms of cost, it helps farmers and corporate companies to economize capital and labor.

6. To expand operations, farmers can invest in machines & its maintenance instead of paying salaries to workers, thus hastening the production.

7. Farm machinery helps to improve quality of food.


Number one Baseliar. This is a huge and powerful full-width rotarycultivator which is created by the famous company basselier they are experts in creating machinery for agriculture which has capabilities to carry out large-scale work in the field its weight is 3740 pounds and it’s available at low costs which can provide high performance up to 10 km/h for efficient cultivation this cultivator is used for crumbling structure for seedbed preparation and heavy soils for potatoes and carrots this will surely increase the agriculture production and farmers income thanks to its stainless steel body it is very durable in various conditions for long term.



Number two energreen. This machine has been created to simplify the cultivation process of plants and unusual areas. It can be used for the maintenance of green areas along the roads motorways and the river banks with the results of maximum efficiency and safety thanks to the use of a multifunctional joystick.

This machine is able to work in all possible directions and it’s capable to reach the areas 8 to 10 metres apart from. It this four-wheel vehicle is simple to use with precise operative automation. This is a heaven for its operators because of its design with its air-conditioned rotating cabin a comfortable seat and price operative controls.


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 3.Mega cleaner

Number three mega cleaner. This crazy machine is an ideal for cleaning leaves of the trees in the parks or in other public territories. This machine works like a vacuum cleaner but it has been created in such a way that it can be used in large areas with the least energy expenditures.

There is no need to work hard now work became easy and fun this machine moves forward similar to a little tractor thanks to the rotating circular segment which is located at the driver’s left side picking up the leaves and grasses and sends them to a conveyor belt at the posterior part for his treatment.

Mega cleaner

4.Grab N Drive

Number four Grab N Drive. This machine is developed and built in the UK, which allows the operator of an excavator to hold move and attach different goods without the need of any assistant. It can achieve different capabilities by replacing the modular arm the impact force of this vehicle is sufficient to destroy stones and concrete walls.

This excavator is made up of steel which is resistant to wear and tear despite the constant use for a long time. This machine is very precise and easy to control, It can lift heavy objects andcan exert high pressure to penetrate the ground.

Grab N Drive

5.Bale Wrapper

Number five bale wrapper. This machine is a hassle-free solution for farmers during packaging of bales to preserve its quality. This machine is two metres tall weighs up to 4,000 100 pounds and capable of carrying loads upto 2,400 pounds.

Surprisingly it’s packing system is very fast it’s about 30 revolutions per minute the main principle is to preserve amount of bale Jews without following any harmful chemical treatments the plastic film is cut and then tied to the wrapper for the next Bale all these processes are controlled via a computer inside of the cab tractor.

Bale Wrapper

6.Hack Overload

Number six hat overload. This trailer is designed in the Netherlands. It has been designed for potato harvesting at an industrial scale.

It is capable for loading operations for long-range transportation. This is a highly automatic trailer which not only harvest the potatoes but also capable of removing stems leaves and soil debris around the potatoes after cleaning these potatoes.

It collects these potatoes in the truck the loading capacity of this machine is 25 tons and surprisingly all the cleaning treatment can be performed while the trailer is moving.

Hack Overload

7.Robotic Sawmill

Number seven robotic sawmill. The developers of this machine are great experts in the field of industrial robotics. This robotized hand has a chainsaw, Which is capable of creating objects with unusual size and shape thanks to the flexibility of this robotic hand it seemed like a sophisticated and unusual 3d printer this machine can rotate the saw up to 180 degrees easily

. It is very precise in his tasks without losing maneuverability and it can perform its best in all possible directions to show the coolest artwork.

Robotic Sawmill

8.The Farmbot

Number eight the farm boat. This is compact machine which gives you power to control, it with your smartphone tablet and laptop its software makes it possible to simplify all complicated processes of growing plants and domesticated conditions in your yard.

The farmbot is an ideal machine for growing plants monitoring their growth determining various scientific parameters. The farmbot is open source now you can modify hardware and software to make farming like a videogame.

The Farmbot

This machine has an LED light different positioning sensors cameras and simple Raspberry Pi computer which makes it very precise in its operations.

This thing is very durable in various conditions due to its stainless steel construction you can now enjoy fresh chemical free and healthy vegetables to live longer this is really tasty.

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