Here is about some information about agriculture technology, role of technology and it’s importance. You must know about it.

Nowdays , Farmers can use the benefits of Agriculture technological revolution to  increase their yields from farming. Technologies are used to improve our crop production. It can bring innovation in Agriculture. It can be a mix of human labor, seeds, fertilizer and manures.

By using technologies in agriculture with precision, we can save our strength, Money and time. It can also helpful to solve our problems related to chemo-physical, biological, socioeconomic. The technology which performed by the people and animals to enhance seed technologies that support crop growth and protect plants from insects

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In the time of climate change, we need to better protect and manage our natural resources, the resources like water, nutrients, soil health etc. For this things technology is very helpful for us.

Role Of Technology In Agriculture

Technology plays very important role in agriculture. Higher yield depends upon the nature of your technology. In india there were most of farmers have small pieces of land, So technology plays very important role in it. Different works need different technologies like tilling the soil, Planting seeds, Cultivating crop. It’s also consist of protecting plants from pests, livestock feeding. People who are trained to design of agriculture equipment, Agriculture machineries and structure are known as agricultural engineer. some countries using modern technologies and make large output. The main and best example of technology is tractor. Nowadays, some people using airplanes and helicopters in farm.

Importance Of Technology  In Agriculture

  • Increase crop productivity
  • Boot economy of Agriculture
  • Reduce use of Fertilizer, Pesticides, Water quantity
  • Increase worker safety
  • Decrease environmental and ecological impact
  • Low prices and great efficiency
  • Reduce runoff of chemicals into rivers and groundnut
  • It is beneficial for natural ecosystem

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