Along with sugars such as sucrose, sugarcane juice also consists of minerals, vitamin B3 and organic acids, and have immense health benefits in a variety of conditions.

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Nutritional value of Sugarcane:

The juice Sugarcane per serving (28.35 grams) contain

  • Energy-111.13 kJ (26.56 kcal)
  • Carbohydrates-27.51 g
  • Protein-0.27 g
  • Calcium11.23 mg (1%)
  • Iron 0.37 mg (3%)
  • Potassium41.96 mg (1%),
  • Sodium17.01 mg (1%)

12 Benefits of SUGARCANE JUICE

1.Energizes the body

  • Sugarcane juice consists of glucose which rehydrates and energizes the body instantly. It quenches the thirst and takes away the fatigueness.


  • Sugarcane juice works effectively against cancer especially prostrate and breast cancer, because of high concentration of calc n, magnesium, potassium, iron and manganese in it.

3.Relieves Burning Sensation of UTI

  • When taken al with lime juice and coconut water it relieves from the burning sensation and itchiness caused due to urinary infections, kidney stones and prostatitis.

4.Useful in Jaundice

  • Sugarcane juice is useful for jaundice patients. It strengthens the liver and keeps the bilirubin level normal.

5.Helps fight against infections

  • It is rich in Antioxidants. The antioxidants boost the immunity power and helps fight against infections.

6.Improves Digestion

  • Sugar cane juice improves the digestion system due to potassium present in it.

7.Prevents Constipation

  • The juice of sugarcane exhibits laxative properties. It normalizes bowel movement and relieves constipation.

8.Protects from Tooth Decay

  • The high mineral content of sugarcane juice protects you from tooth decay and bad breath.

9.Improves nail condition

  • if you have discolored nails or white spots on them, do add sugar cane juice to your daily diet.

10.Useful in fever

  • Sugarcane juice helps you recover from febrile disorders. Protein loss can be compensated by sugarcane juice.

11.Improves Skin & prevents ageing

  • It contains glycolic acid which keeps the skin hydrated & glowing, fight acne, reduce blemishes and prevent ageing.

12.Low glycemic index

  • It contains natural sugar with low glycemic index and do not triggers blood glucose levels in diabetics, However, Type -2 diabetic patients should consume it moderately.