What Happens to Your Body When You Start Eating Honey Every Day

What will happen to your body? if you start eating money every day just what do you know about honey? Welcome to farmingocean. It is sweet made by bees and Winnie the Pooh loves it but do you also know that honey has existed for millions of years that honey will never spoil if kept […]

8 Impressive Benefits of Ghee (Clarified Butter)

While it’s gaining in popularity in recent years, not everyone has heard of ghee; it’s a powerhouse of vitamins and acids which promote good health. Ghee is its own unique class of butter. Welcome to farmingocean. When butter is boiled, milk solids caramelize and are removed. Ghee is the concentrated residue of pure fats that […]

7 Amazing Dragon Fruit Benefits: The Antioxidant & Vitamin Powerhouse

Here are some awesome benefits of consuming dragon fruit like delay natural aging, a good source of vitamin C, etc. Welcome to Farmingocean. Today in this article, we will see what are the benefits and side effects of dragon fruit is also called ‘moti phal’ ‘cactus fruit’ or ‘pitaya’ It is a tropical and subtropical […]

How to Supercharge Your Compost Heap

Compost is the starting point to any thriving vegetable garden. In fact, compost heaps are nothing short of horticultural alchemy, turning kitchen scraps and garden waste into nutrient-rich goodness. Welcome to farmingocean. If you’re not yet composting, now is as good a time as any to get started. If you are, then perhaps there’s room for improvement! There’s a lot of advice […]

Amazing Benefits of drinking Sugarcane Juice

Along with sugars such as sucrose, sugarcane juice also consists of minerals, vitamin B3 and organic acids, and have immense health benefits in a variety of conditions. Welcome to farmingocean. Nutritional value of Sugarcane: The juice Sugarcane per serving (28.35 grams) contain Energy-111.13 kJ (26.56 kcal) Carbohydrates-27.51 g Protein-0.27 g Calcium11.23 mg (1%) Iron 0.37 […]


Here is about benefits of pomegranate juice like prevent cancer, antioxidant , control your blood pressure and many more. You must know about it. Welcome to our farmingocean. Sometimes it can be boring to always just drink water. We can often crave a nice refreshing drink but may feel guilty choosing something like coca-cola or […]

Growing Blueberries From Planting to Harvest

Here is about how to grow and harvest blueberries. I will also talk about watering, PH, Pruning, fertilizer etc. Welcome to farmingocean. Blueberries are one of nature’s super foods, crammed with essential nutrients like vitamins K and C, minerals such as manganese and health-boosting polyphenols. They’ve even been proven to boost the old grey matter […]

How To Grow Ginger at Home in Container: How To Harvest Ginger

Here is about How To Grow Ginger at Home in Container. I will also talk about Where to Plant Ginger?, Pot Selection For Growing Ginger, Best Soil For Ginger, Ginger Seed Preparation etc. Welcome to farmingocean. In this article I will show you how to grow ginger at home in containers. I am growing ginger […]

TOP 10 Reasons for Leaf yellowing & Leaf burning / Browning with Treatment

Top10 reasons for leaf yellowing and leaf browning or burning at tips and edges along with the solutions and will also show you few related simple gardening tricks and hacks to treat these problems. Welcome to farmingocean. Coming Up! When you see leaves of your plant turning yellow or burning or browning at it tips […]


Who wouldn’t want fresh, free, organic, delicious fruits and vegetables growing in their garden? Hello Friends! In today’s article, we will list out the 10 secrets of growing vegetables and fruits in containers in a small space gardening like your balcony or terrace. Welcome to farmingocean. Growing Vegetables and fruit trees in containers is an […]

Benefits of Orange juice – for skin, During pregnancy etc.

Here is about 8 impressive benefits of orange juice like for skin, during pregnancy, anti aging, reduce risk of heart attack. Welcome to farmingocean. Health benefits of orange juice 1.Contains Healing Properties One of the top health benefits of orange juice is its healing properties. Oranges contain flavonoids (like naringenin and hesperidin), which inflammatory stuffs. […]

Health Benefits of Orange Like Good for skin, Brain etc.

This is about Health benefits and nutrition of orange. It is very beneficial for skin, brain, against cancer and for weight loss etc. You must know about it. Welcome to farmingocean. Greetings viewers! “Do you like oranges?” If so, do we have some good news for you. You see, oranges aren’t just tasty, they’r every […]

Gardening of rose -11 Powerful Rose Plant Care Tips | How to grow Roses?

This is about Gardening of ROSE. I will also talk about 11 Powerful Rose Plant Care Tips of How to grow Roses? like soil PH, potting mix, fertilizer, pot selection and many more. Welcome to farmingocean. Rose is undoubtedly the ‘Queen of Flowers’. If you have a passion for gardening and love flowers then I […]

How to Start Hydroponics Farming Business

This is about How to Start Hydroponics Farming Business. I will also talk about cost, profit, how much electricity, manpower and area need for it. You must know about it. Welcome to farmingocean. HYDROPONICS Increasing population and decrease in farming lands, is creating a tension for everyone. but it is said that if the answer of […]

Health benefits of turmeric and turmeric tea-Weight loss, Skin etc.

Here is about Health benefits of turmeric, turmeric tea and many more. I will also talk about some side effects of it. You must know about it. Welcome to Farmingocean. The health benefits of turmeric and its medicinal uses. Turmeric is a golden colored root also known as curcuma longa and was originally grown in […]

Krishi Yantra Subsidy Scheme 2020: Government is giving 8 lakh rupees to farmers for purchasing agricultural machinery, know the application process

The government helps farmers from all sides to ensure good agriculture. The government has so far started many welfare schemes to help the farmers. There are mostly poor farmers in the country, who cannot afford expensive equipment for good farming. In today’s time, good machinery is very important for good farming, a human being cannot […]

Benefits Of Ginger Tea: 20 Impressive Health Benefits – skin Health

Here is about 20 Impressive Health benefits of Ginger tea like settles nausea, Digestion, skin health etc. You must know about it. Welcome to farmingocean. The health benefits of ginger tea and its medicinal uses. Ginger tea is a herbor medicine that has been used for thousands of years by the ancient chinese, arabs, romans […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger-Weight loss, Pain relief

Here is about what are benefits of ginger, How to select it from market and some benefits of ginger tea.You must know about it. Welcome to farmingocean. 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger To Improve Your Life When you first think of ginger, you probably think of those gingerbread houses during the holiday season, or […]

Holy Basil benefits & Uses(Tulsi)

Here is about holy basil benefits and some uses of holy basil (Tulsi). i will tell you also some interesting facts about it. You must know about it. Scientists are confirming that the Holy Basil plant which is called Ocimum sanctum, also called Tulsi, has numerous health and medicinal benefits. Research has determined the plant […]

Top 6 Potting Mix/ Potting Soil recipes, with and without soil

Here is about Top 6 Potting Mix/ Potting Soil recipes, with and without soil, some basic information about soil and Easiest recipe of organic fertilizer. You must know about it. Welcome to farmingocean. Friends, soil is the base of plants. Roots of the plants develop in soil from where it sends water and other nutrients […]