How to Supercharge Your Compost Heap

Compost is the starting point to any thriving vegetable garden. In fact, compost heaps are nothing short of horticultural alchemy, turning kitchen scraps and garden waste into nutrient-rich goodness. Welcome to farmingocean. If you’re not yet composting, now is as good a time as any to get started. If you are, then perhaps there’s room for improvement! There’s a lot of advice […]

TOP 10 Reasons for Leaf yellowing & Leaf burning / Browning with Treatment

Top10 reasons for leaf yellowing and leaf browning or burning at tips and edges along with the solutions and will also show you few related simple gardening tricks and hacks to treat these problems. Welcome to farmingocean. Coming Up! When you see leaves of your plant turning yellow or burning or browning at it tips […]


Who wouldn’t want fresh, free, organic, delicious fruits and vegetables growing in their garden? Hello Friends! In today’s article, we will list out the 10 secrets of growing vegetables and fruits in containers in a small space gardening like your balcony or terrace. Welcome to farmingocean. Growing Vegetables and fruit trees in containers is an […]

Gardening of rose -11 Powerful Rose Plant Care Tips | How to grow Roses?

This is about Gardening of ROSE. I will also talk about 11 Powerful Rose Plant Care Tips of How to grow Roses? like soil PH, potting mix, fertilizer, pot selection and many more. Welcome to farmingocean. Rose is undoubtedly the ‘Queen of Flowers’. If you have a passion for gardening and love flowers then I […]

How to Start Hydroponics Farming Business

This is about How to Start Hydroponics Farming Business. I will also talk about cost, profit, how much electricity, manpower and area need for it. You must know about it. Welcome to farmingocean. HYDROPONICS Increasing population and decrease in farming lands, is creating a tension for everyone. but it is said that if the answer of […]

Top 6 Potting Mix/ Potting Soil recipes, with and without soil

Here is about Top 6 Potting Mix/ Potting Soil recipes, with and without soil, some basic information about soil and Easiest recipe of organic fertilizer. You must know about it. Welcome to farmingocean. Friends, soil is the base of plants. Roots of the plants develop in soil from where it sends water and other nutrients […]

5 Super-Early Vegetables to plant in Winter & also How to protect it?

Here is about best vegetables to plant in winter season and some tips to protect your vegetables in winter. You must know about it. Welcome to farmingocean. Winter can be a frustrating time for the vegetable grower with several weeks still to go before the official start to the growing season. If you’re craving fresh […]

7 Health Benefits Of Yucca-You Don’t Know About | Nutrition Facts

Here are Top 7 Health Benefits Of Yucca You Don’t Know About it. I will also talk about yucca’s climate and some commercial usages. Welcome to farmingocean. Let’s talk about health benefits of yucca plant. Are you trying to improve your health and strengthen your immune system through natural means? In today’s blog, you will […]

When and how to plant cover crops

Here is about When and how to plant cover crops from planting them to use them as green  manure. We will also look at it’s benefits and importance for the soil. I will also share my personal experience about my cover crop plant to make them green manure. Cover crops are also known as green […]

How to grow Aloe vera ?

Why and how to grow Aloe Vera? That was a question I asked myself. Are they really worth the effort of growing and did the benefits claimed really live up to their reputation? well in this blog we are going to find out importance and how to grow and after care of aloe vera. Welcome […]

Disease in tomatoes plant and how to fix it

Here is about some disease in tomatoes plants like pests,spidermite, tomato hornworm etc. Also we will look at HOW TO FIX THESE ISSUES even you are growing them at home. Welcome to farmingocean. Lets talk about some disease of tomato & tricks to fix them. Homegrown tomatoes are something else – beautiful rich fruits with […]

Everything about ORGANIC FARMING

Welcome to farmingocean, Let’s talk about all information about ORGANIC FARMING. Agriculture has completed one cycle and is turning its phase. Green Revolution proves detrimental in five decades indiscriminate use of pesticides and chemicals for neutered the soil water and the whole ecosystem off late our farmers are looking back. Now we find organic movement […]

Pricking out, Potting on & Transplanting crops – Step by step

Welcome to , Let’s talk about transplanting. We’re going to coax those precious seedlings along, we’re going to get them ready to plant outside, and then we’re going to share some tips to help them settle into their new home once they’re there. Let’s get on with it shall we? Pricking out is the […]

Agriculture in japan

Welcome to, Let’s talk about agriculture in japan. ONLY in JAPAN It all started with silk I’m at the Tomioka Silk Mill in Gunma prefecture where many people say modern Japan was born. Have you ever wondered why Japan has such state-of-the-art technology creating some of the world’s highest quality goods Yeah That’s why […]

Agricultural revolution across the world-some advantages and disadvantages

Welcome to farming ocean, Let’s talk about agricultural revolution in different way, In  fifteen thousand years, humans went from hunting and gathering to creating such improbabilities as the airplane, the Internet, and the ninety-nine cent double cheeseburger. It’s an extraordinary journey. Let’s start with that double cheeseburger. this hot hunk of meat contains four-hundred and […]

Effects of modern agriculture

Here is about what will happen if  we will use modern agriculture techniques. i will talk about every sector of agriculture. Let’s consider the principles of modern industrial agriculture and some of the impact to the environment. Today large scale conventional agriculture as practices many countries, including the United States violates some of the laws […]

Can vertical farming change the world-Innovation in agriculture

plant factories as the most viable version of the vertical farm. However, energy remains a challenge for plant factories, both in terms of cost and carbon footprint, spoiling it’s otherwise very positive environmental profile. We also identified that vertical farms would need to grow a broader range of crops to have a beneficial global impact. […]

Innovation in agriculture-Does vertical farming work

Vertical farming has been called the future of Agriculture claimed to solve many of the problems. It’s been a controversial topic with mixed opinions from experts. Are these claims hype or can it deliver? but first we need a better understanding of what a vertical farm is There are many different versions and they all […]

How to grow and benefits of green manure crops (Broad bean)

Today we’re looking at growing green manure crops and in particular a productive one, it’s a technique that works well in all soils including clay and sandy soils, it’s organic, environmentally friendly, and a great way of fertilizing and improving your soil. Traditional green manure crops include Tic Beans and Annual Lupins however we’re using […]

Future of farming (How to increase productivity)

Over the next two decades, A technological wave will revolutionize the efficiency of farms all over the world thus we will see great future of farming. It can’t come soon enough. By the year 2050 the human population will be nearly 10 billion—which means we’ll need to have doubled the amount of food we now produce. This […]