TOP 10 Reasons for Leaf yellowing & Leaf burning / Browning with Treatment

Top10 reasons for leaf yellowing and leaf browning or burning at tips and edges along with the solutions and will also show you few related simple gardening tricks and hacks to treat these problems. Welcome to farmingocean. Coming Up! When you see leaves of your plant turning yellow or burning or browning at it tips […]

Krishi Yantra Subsidy Scheme 2020: Government is giving 8 lakh rupees to farmers for purchasing agricultural machinery, know the application process

The government helps farmers from all sides to ensure good agriculture. The government has so far started many welfare schemes to help the farmers. There are mostly poor farmers in the country, who cannot afford expensive equipment for good farming. In today’s time, good machinery is very important for good farming, a human being cannot […]

5 Super-Early Vegetables to plant in Winter & also How to protect it?

Here is about best vegetables to plant in winter season and some tips to protect your vegetables in winter. You must know about it. Welcome to farmingocean. Winter can be a frustrating time for the vegetable grower with several weeks still to go before the official start to the growing season. If you’re craving fresh […]

8 things-must know about farmers

Hey everyone welcome, Lets talk about farmers must knew this things about themselves. 8 things must know about farmers First thing about farmers: Behind the “factory farms” of “industrial AG” are actually real people. 99% of farms are family owned by people who care. Regardless of size or label the soil is their livelihood, and […]