How to Supercharge Your Compost Heap

Compost is the starting point to any thriving vegetable garden. In fact, compost heaps are nothing short of horticultural alchemy, turning kitchen scraps and garden waste into nutrient-rich goodness. Welcome to farmingocean. If you’re not yet composting, now is as good a time as any to get started. If you are, then perhaps there’s room for improvement! There’s a lot of advice […]

Top 6 Potting Mix/ Potting Soil recipes, with and without soil

Here is about Top 6 Potting Mix/ Potting Soil recipes, with and without soil, some basic information about soil and Easiest recipe of organic fertilizer. You must know about it. Welcome to farmingocean. Friends, soil is the base of plants. Roots of the plants develop in soil from where it sends water and other nutrients […]

How to Avoid Common Squash Problems?

Squashes are a staple in many gardens,yielding versatile fruits to spark our culinary creativity. They’re rapid, vigorous growers,but that doesn’t make them entirely trouble-free. So in this article we’re going to be exploring a few tips and tricks to get your squash safely over the finishing line, ready to harvest. Welcome to FARMINGOCEAN. Let’s talk […]

How to Prevent Garden Pests-7 best strategies

Mostly a common question comes into gardener mind How to prevent garden pests?  Pests are an all-too-common challenge,but that doesn’t mean they need to gain the upper hand. In fact in most cases there are ways to prevent your crops from even getting infested in the first place. then, Here are 7 best strategies to […]

8 Ways to kill weeds naturally

here is some tricks about how to kill weeds naturally method with less efforts. It will help so much to remove weeds naturally. welcome to farmingocean. Let’s talk about 8 Ways to kill weeds naturally.  Eight ways to get rid of weeds naturally Pulling weeds one by one is usually the task gardeners hate most, […]

Disease in tomatoes plant and how to fix it

Here is about some disease in tomatoes plants like pests,spidermite, tomato hornworm etc. Also we will look at HOW TO FIX THESE ISSUES even you are growing them at home. Welcome to farmingocean. Lets talk about some disease of tomato & tricks to fix them. Homegrown tomatoes are something else – beautiful rich fruits with […]

How to make organic fertilizer at home 2020

Here is recipe of How to make organic fertilizer at home from the banana peels and also we will talk about what is the advantages of these homemade fertilizer. Welcome to farming ocean . Let’s talk about HOW TO MAKE ORGANIC FERTILIZER AT HOME. Today I’ll tell you how you can make organic fertilizer at […]

Top 10 Organic fertilizer manufacture in India

Here is some interesting facts about top 10 organic fertilizer manufacture in india.(companies) Welcome to farmingocean. Lets check the list of top 10 agro fertilizers companies in India. 1. COROMANDEL INTERNATIONAL Ltd Founded in 1961, and headquartered at Secunderabad, India; COROMANDEL INTERNATIONAL Limited is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of fertilizers. […]

BEST FERTILIZERS-Best DIY Fertilizer Mix Recipe: Universal All-purpose Mixed Fertilizer Powder

welcome to , Let’s talk about best fertilizer-Best DIY Fertilizer Mix Recipe: Universal All-purpose Mixed Fertilizer Powder. Hello Friends! Today we will look into making an All-Purpose Universal Fertilizer for all your home plants for boosting growth or increasing flowering and fruiting. This topic is little controversial as we are using a mixture of […]

Top 15 best organic fertilizers with their NPK value

If your plants are failing to thrive, dropping leaves, turning yellow, or diseased, it could be an imbalance in your soil nutrients that’s killing your plants. let’s look into a list of 15 most useful and powerful organic or natural fertilizers with their NPK ratio that can bring a revolution in organic gardening if used […]