Growing Blueberries From Planting to Harvest

Here is about how to grow and harvest blueberries. I will also talk about watering, PH, Pruning, fertilizer etc. Welcome to farmingocean. Blueberries are one of nature’s super foods, crammed with essential nutrients like vitamins K and C, minerals such as manganese and health-boosting polyphenols. They’ve even been proven to boost the old grey matter […]

How to Avoid Common Squash Problems?

Squashes are a staple in many gardens,yielding versatile fruits to spark our culinary creativity. They’re rapid, vigorous growers,but that doesn’t make them entirely trouble-free. So in this article we’re going to be exploring a few tips and tricks to get your squash safely over the finishing line, ready to harvest. Welcome to FARMINGOCEAN. Let’s talk […]

Stop privatization in agriculture universities

Digital strike against Gujarat Government by agriculture students in oppose of privatization in agriculture universities. Farming boy is also in support of students and condemnation of government for privatization in agriculture. Yes, you correctly read . Government of Gujarat takes advantage of this covid situation and gave permission to private universities in agriculture sector. If […]

Vertical gardening

Here is about vertical gardening. I will talk about watering, suitable plants and many more things about vertical gardening. When space is at a premium and you’ve got nowhere left to grow there’s only one solution – reach for the skies! Given the combination of the right crops, vertical supports, and wall-hugging planters. you can […]