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How To Grow Ginger at Home in Container: How To Harvest Ginger

Written by Dr. Shaun Murphy

Here is about How To Grow Ginger at Home in Container. I will also talk about Where to Plant Ginger?, Pot Selection For Growing Ginger, Best Soil For Ginger, Ginger Seed Preparation etc.

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In this article I will show you how to grow ginger at home in containers. I am growing ginger in containers for the last many many years in Sydney, Australia and harvesting bumper ginger every year.

Follow the ginger growing tips I am giving in this video to grow ginger at home. The article covers

  1. Ginger Planting Time?
  2. Where to Plant Ginger?
  3. Pot Selection For Growing Ginger
  4. Best Soil For Ginger
  5. Ginger Seed Preparation
  6. Planting Ginger
  7. Watering Ginger Plant
  8. Fertilizer For Ginger Plants
  9. Harvesting Ginger
  10. How To Store Ginger.

Ginger Planting Time?

When to grow ginger, Planting time Ginger grows in summer and likes warm and humid climate. The best time to plant ginger is in spring or between 20°C and 30°C temperature. In colder areas, you can start ginger indoors in pots, then move outside.

Where to Plant Ginger?

Ginger grows best in full sunlight, but in warmer places, it grows well in partial shade or morning sun. If the temperature is too hot and the leaves start to burn, move the ginger plant to bright shade. In frost, grow ginger indoors in bright light.

Best Soil For Ginger & Pot Selection For Growing Ginger

Soil for growing ginger Many people fail to grow good ginger harvest because of wrong soil mixture. If the soil is not porous, then the growing ginger will not be able to grow inside and also the standing water in the soil will rot the ginger. So ginger needs free-draining nutrition rich soil to grow freely inside the soil.

Mix about 50 % compost or cow manure, 25 % potting mix or garden soil and 25% coarse river sand in a container. The sand will make the mixture free-draining while the compost will provide enough nutrients and retain moisture for ginger to grow well.

Planting Ginger

Pot size The ginger roots do not grow deep in the soil, but grows horizontally, so choose a shallo wand wide pot. I am using rectangular fruit boxes, about6 inch deep. Ginger Planting Get a good piece of mature ginger, cut it into 1 inch pieces.

Ginger Seed Preparation

You can directly plant them without any preparation. But if you allow rhizomes to develop eyes or growth buds before planning, then they will quickly sprout.

You can plant a store bought ginger or the ginger that has sprouted lying in your kitchen. Plant the ginger pieces about 1 inch deep and 6 to 8 inch apart in the soil and water lightly every 2 weeks until they sprout.

Watering Ginger Plant

Watering Ginger Plant Ginger plants should never dry out. Put sugarcane mulch on the soil to contain humidity in the soil. If air is dry and hot, then spray water on the leaves. As the weather cools down, reduce the water.

Cover any exposed rhizomes with soil to save from hot sun. Fertilizing Ginger Plants If you are growing ginger in nutrition rich soil, it does not need anything extra fertilizer.

Fertilizer For Ginger Plants

You can feed a liquid fertilizer or seaweed solution every 3rd week. Harvesting Ginger When the leaves begin to turn brown and yellow and drying,

Harvesting Ginger

it is time to harvest ginger. You can dig out the whole plant. I usually cut out a small piece of root by carefully removing the soil from the side of the growing clump.

How To Store Ginger

After Harvesting Ginger stays fresh and crisp for only a few days after harvesting. Put the unpeeled whole ginger root in a zip-lock bag and store in fridge to use later.


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