How to make organic fertilizer at home 2020

Written by Dr. Shaun Murphy

Here is recipe of How to make organic fertilizer at home from the banana peels and also we will talk about what is the advantages of these homemade fertilizer.

Welcome to farming ocean . Let’s talk about HOW TO MAKE ORGANIC FERTILIZER AT HOME.

Today I’ll tell you how you can make organic fertilizer at your home, a strong organic fertilizer by using it in your plants will become full of flowers and fruits.

This liquid fertilizer will be full of Potassium and besides, This it contains Phosphorus, manganese, Copper, calcium, Zinc, Iron etc.  Which is responsible for the overall growth of the plant and also for increasing the quantity and quality of the flowers and fruits of the plants.

let’s go ahead and start. To make this highly effective liquid fertilizer, You have to take about a dozen of ripen Bananas. Banana possesses very high amount of Potassium and Nitrogen, Potassium is the mineral which is highly required by any kind of plants.

Banana is a fruit which is available in all parts of the world at all the time and at a very low cost. Let’s make slices along with banana’s peels. The banana peels too have the same amount of nutrients as their pulps have.

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Now take these slices of bananas in a mixer jar and make a paste out of it. This paste fill in the jar and add some fresh water to it too, So that a free flow thick paste is made. Have a look! All the slices have been converted into paste.

Now all the paste has to be transferred to a plastic or a glass bottle or jar. The volume of  jar or bottle  bit higher than the volume of paste I’ve taken a plastic bottle of 5 ltrs capacity. which has been pre washed and dried.

To transfer the paste into this bottle a funnel is required. I’ve prepared one by cutting half of a small plastic bottle. With the help of this, I am transferring all the paste to the big plastic bottle. The paste that is sticked to the pot should be diluted with water and be transferred to the bottle.

After doing all this, add some more clean water to the bottle, so that a free-flow solution is prepared. In the next step, take some Jaggery and Curd or Yogart 100 gms of each. Both of them are available to almost every house.

Add some water to it, mix them altogether to prepare a solution. When the solution is well prepared then pour it to the bottle of banana paste. Now shake the bottle well so that the whole thing get evenly mixed.

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The curd or the yogert contains Lacto Bascillus bacteria that will quickly decompose the banana paste. The Jaggery helps a fast initial growth of the bacteria. Now take a small piece of cotton cloth, cover the mouth of the bottle and fix it with a rubber band.

After this, for two weeks, keep this bottle in shade but at a warm place (25-35 deg C). You will see after two days that thousands of bubbles are coming out, which actually are the gases being released due to the bacterial decomposition.

After two days, Now daily you will have a work. Every day, after replacing the cloth piece with the original lid of the bottle. You’ve to shake bottle by hand. By shaking it well, the available bacteria get mixed evenly with the solution and the process of decomposition goes on smoothly.

If this shaking action is repeated twice daily then it will be more better. Each time after doing this, replace the cap back with the cloth-piece. 10 days have passed and I can see that about 30% to 40% of the paste after decomposition,Now my all paste is  converted to plain liquid.

So, let’s take the decomposed part of the liquid out. You can see, there is no solid residue left to the liquid. And It is producing a smell similar to wine. This is the strong liquid fertilizer , that will work for all your plants as a super tonic.

For now I’m storing this super tonic in a clean bottle. Let me tell you the way this liquid should be used.

This strong fertilizer should never be used directly over the plants Use 10 to 15 ml of this liquid diluted with 1 ltr of water to make a solution. Beside applying this diluted solution to the soil of the pot, spray over the plants too. This fertilizer can be applied every 7 or 10 days over the plants as required.

You must be thinking what to do with the remaining banana paste. Since, the remaining paste has not yet decomposed completely, So again add to it a solution of jaggery and curd and the other process will be similar to that we’ve used previously. So friends! I hope this blog will be helpful to you.


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