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Written by Dr. Shaun Murphy

Hello my friends it’s Farmingocean and today I am sharing my recipe for the best fruit salad.

What makes this fruit salad so delicious is the balance of the flavors and the texture. so I’m very excited to share it with you.

Now a few tips to keep in mind when you’re making fruit salad is

  1. You want to work with fruit that’s a season and nice and ripe, you want it at its peak without being too ripe that it starts to get mushy and it loses its integrity.
  2. You want to try to cut your fruit into nice small bite-size pieces that are fairly uniform, this is just gonna make it easier for the eater to enjoy their fruits out.

Best Fruit salad

While fruit salad is pretty straightforward as far as the recipe goes or they want to focus on in this article is some of the techniques I use for cutting the fruit.

How to cut and what you need to make best fruit salad?


  • So to get started I have a nice big bowl and I’m starting with 4 cups of chopped-up cantaloupe.
  • Now the easiest way to cut cantaloupe is to trim off the top and the bottom then lay it flat side down and slice down in half length then wise scoop out the seeds.
  • You’ll see if the cantaloupe is ripe they will scoop out really easily and then cut.
  • They’ll cantaloupe into wedges like to cut each half into half and then take each quarter and cut it into half again until I have eight wedges, then I just use a paring knife to slice off the skin, and then chop into bite-size pieces.
Best Fruit salad


  • Next, I’m adding in two cups of chopped-up mango which is about two mangos so to start.
  • I’m just gonna trim off the bottom of the mango and I’m gonna use a potato peeler to peel off the skin which comes off really easily,
  • Then I’m gonna stand it up flat side down and you can’t see it but in the center of the mango there’s a very big long pit, it runs right through the middle
  • So you want to guesstimate get your knife as close to the center a little bit off-center as you can slice straight down rotate and get the other side of the mango.
  • I like to call these the mango cheeks then I come back and just trim off any extra mango on each side of the pit.
  • If you notice there’s additional mango meat around the pit just slice it off and let that be a chef snack.
  • Once I have all the mango meat off the mango then I’m just gonna cut it into slices take it around and chop it up.
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Red grapes

  • Next, we have two cups of red grapes and for these, I just like to slice them right in half the red grapes add a great pop and a great texture to the fruit salad.
Best Fruit salad


  • Next up we have two cups of chopped up strawberries
  • So to prepare, the strawberries just slice off the green top then lay that flat down slice it in half then into quarters, and across again.


  • Next, I have two cups of fresh pineapple.
  • Now a fun tip if you want to ensure that your pineapple is nice and ripe just tug at the leaves.
  • The leaves on top should come out very easily that’s how you know your pineapple is nice and ripe also it will smell super sweet.
  • So those are the two giveaways now my absolute favorite way to cut a pineapple is to trim off the top and the bottom stand it up a slice.
  • It is half lengthwise and then you’re gonna see that there’s a core that runs right down the center and this court can be a little tough.
  • A little bit fibrous so what I do is I take a knife and I come down in and add an angle on each side of that core and it’s gonna pop right out sometimes.
  • If the core is not super tough I’ll save it as a snack for myself and the kids but I don’t like to put it in the fruit salad.
  • Then once we have the core out I’m just gonna take this half slice it into quarters and then run my knife right through the center of one quarter rotate chop into bite-sized pieces
  • Then right here where the skin meets the flesh or the meat of the pineapple you want to get your knife as close as you can and just slice in and around.
  • You’re gonna see that these pineapple wedges will fall right out and there every little waste this is hands-down the easiest way.
Best Fruit salad


  • Next up I have two cups of chopped up Kiwis
  • My favorite way to prepare the Kiwi is to trim off the top and the bottom and then again just use a potato peeler to peel off this fuzzy skin
  • Then I just slice the Kiwi in half length wisely it down coming to quarters rotate and chop it up super easy
  • It adds such great flavor to the fruit salad
Best Fruit salad


  • Then the last fruit that I like to add to this fruit salad is one cup of big fat plump blueberries.
Best Fruit salad

If You Want To Add More Flavour in your best fruit salad

  • Now you could of course take this as an opportunity to mix up your fruit salads and enjoy.
  • But if you really want to elevate the flavors of what I like to do is eyes the one lime with a zester get that into a bowl then add the juice from that line
  • As well it’s gonna be somewhere between two and three tablespoons of lime juice and
  • Then add a tablespoon of honey whisk that altogether and the bright flavors from the lime and that sweetness from the honey.
Best Fruit salad

it just rounds out and really pops the fruit salads drizzle that right over the bowl and then gently mix it all together.

You, my friend, are going to have just made one of the most delicious fruit salads that you’ve ever made, and how easy was that.

How to store our best fruit salad?

  • This salad is perfect served as is you could bring it to a cookout or to barbecue or to a picnic but sometimes I also like to add it to my weekend meal prepare
  • Then I’ll just put it in an airtight container and leave it in the fridge anywhere between four and five days.

Thank You.

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