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Krishi Yantra Subsidy Scheme 2020: Government is giving 8 lakh rupees to farmers for purchasing agricultural machinery, know the application process

Written by Dr. Shaun Murphy

The government helps farmers from all sides to ensure good agriculture. The government has so far started many welfare schemes to help the farmers.

There are mostly poor farmers in the country, who cannot afford expensive equipment for good farming. In today’s time, good machinery is very important for good farming, a human being cannot do farming even with his hard work, which machines do.

The government has started the Krishi Yantra Subsidy Scheme to help such people. For this, the government is urging all farmers to avail benefits under the scheme by applying.

In this article, you will get all the information about how you will get the benefit of government grant scheme, who is its beneficiary, how much grant will be available. Read the article till the end so that you can read and apply the article well.

Under the Prime Minister’s Tractor Scheme, the government gives Rs.5 lakh to farmers to buy a tractor, for what to do.

What is Agricultural Equipment Subsidy Scheme

Under the grant scheme launched for the farmers, the government is giving special benefits on all agricultural implements used for farming. Farmers will get subsidy on the purchase of expensive equipment from the government.

Grant will be given on Agricultural Equipment Subsidy Scheme

The government has said that all farmers will get 50 to 80 percent subsidy on purchase of agricultural machinery. This means that by purchasing agricultural machinery farmers can get 50 to 80 percent of its price from the government.

Government officials have told that only 20 percent of the farmers will have to bear the scheme, the remaining 80 percent will be filled by the government.

Farm Machinery Bank Scheme

The government has also announced to create a farm machinery bank for the convenience of the farmers. The government is giving a subsidy of up to 80 percent to buy agricultural equipment that will be in this bank. Farmers can purchase up to 10 lakh agricultural machinery in this farm bank. This farm machinery bank will also have an agricultural machine as well as a tractor. Farm Machinery Bank is mainly a place where farmers can improve their farming by renting all the equipments.

Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is one of the major welfare schemes of the government, in which the farmers are receiving money directly from the government.

Rental Equipment

Farmers who are unable to take agricultural machinery as a grant can also pick it up at a cheaper rate from the Farm Machinery Bank. This is very good for those farmers whose economic condition is very bad.

And farmers who can take instruments on rent, they can open a farm machinery bank. The government is helping the people so that the farmer can open a customer hiring center.

Farmers can also earn good income by renting agricultural machinery in these centers.

Booking with Mobile App

If farmers want to hire agricultural machinery from the Farm Machinery Bank, they can book it through the mobile app.

For this booking, the government has launched the CHC Farm Machine Mobile App, through which farmers sitting at home can book agricultural equipment. You can use these devices on rent for a limited time.

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Agricultural Equipment Grant Scheme Eligibility

1. Indian origin farmer
2.Small marginal farmers
3.Whoever has cultivable land, which only cultivates, can take advantage of this scheme.
4.To take advantage of the scheme, the beneficiary’s age must be at least 18 years.

Documents required for Agricultural Equipment Grant Scheme

1.Photo copy of ration card
2.Aadhar Card
3.Bank account information
4.Poverty line card
5.Age certificate
6.Passport size photo
7.Indigenous people
8.Agricultural Equipment Purchase Bill
9.Caste certificate (if from a particular caste)
10.Land information

How to apply for Agricultural Equipment Grant Scheme

1.If you fulfill the eligibility stated above, you can apply and get the benefit as soon as possible. You have to click on this link for this.
2.Click on the Farmer option on the registration link here. Here you fill all the information in the form.
3.Attach and submit all documents with the form.

Apply soon to take advantage of the Krishi Yantra Grant Scheme, you will get the subsidy amount of the Krishi Yantra directly into the bank account by direct benefit transfer.

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