Stop privatization in agriculture universities

Written by Dr. Shaun Murphy

Digital strike against Gujarat Government by agriculture students in oppose of privatization in agriculture universities.

Farming boy is also in support of students and condemnation of government for privatization in agriculture.

Yes, you correctly read . Government of Gujarat takes advantage of this covid situation and gave permission to private universities in agriculture sector.

If agricultural studies start doing business like engineering colleges then you know very well what is the situation of government engineering collages, the future of farmers and their sons is in danger.

So all the students together to fight against privatization. 

Currently students are doing digital strike, in which they message and tweet on twitter, facebook, whatsapp.

Here are some tweets by students

And many more there on twitter.

As per the norms of the SAU of Gujarat only students who completed UG degree from SAU and ICAR PG exam qualified students can only be eligible for agricultural master degree courses in agriculture and allied sciences. But the students of these private universities would take admission on which basis is not known. There are various question arises regarding this private university.

Under each agricultural collage there must be minimum 500 hector of land in order to conduct proper research and also one should be having proper teaching faculty. But the irony is that these all the private collages have failed to meet all these minimum criteria.

For the sake of money they are admitting the students without any limites.

Probably the teachers will evaluate the students liberally and giving more marks than what they deserve which is in turn decreasing the quality of agriculture education and research.

This will lead to the unemployment condition which the nation have already experienced and still experiencing as that of medical and engineering students.

Privatization in agriculture cause , students from rural background who have studied with good knowledge will be deprived from getting jobs in public sector and lose the opportunity.

In order to keep up the quality of agricultural education and research, instead of giving permission to private college’s government itself can extend the number of government colleges under each university.

Everyone knows what is going on but No-one speaks about this matter. Actually this is very big matter for agriculture students and also for there futures.

Please we urge to everyone , help the students . They are the future of this nation and don’t play with there career.

I hope that as a responsible citizen you will help the farmer’s sons.

Stop privatization in agriculture.

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Thank you.


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