Alabama prison officer Vicky White died of a gunshot .

"We got a dangerous man from the streets today," Sheriff Lauderdale Rick Sington Regency told Al.

Their escape from the Lauderdale Regency Detention Center without a trace has spurred a total prize of $ 15,000 for information

MS White, who allegedly helped Casey White, shared a "special relationship" with him, said the police.

The US Marshals service arrested the couple after receiving a tip at their Indiana location on Sunday night, according to officials.

This couple, who has the same family name but unrelated, was last seen on April 29.

The authorities then found that there was no evaluation or court hearing scheduled for prisoners

Ford Taurus Patrol Car 2013 MS White was found abandoned in the nearest shopping center parking lot at around 11:00 Friday, Sheriff said.

But the alarm only raised a few hours later around 3:30 pm, when MS White colleagues.

"The relationship has now been confirmed through our investigation by independent sources and facilities."