Barcelona, ​​Spain: Is a city on the North Northeastern Beach

This is the largest capital and city of the Catalonia autonomous community, as well as the second most populous municipality in Spain.

This is one of the largest metropolis cities in the Mediterranean Sea

Founded as a Roman city, in the Middle Ages Barcelona became the capital of the Barcelona region

After joining the Aragon Kingdom to form the Aragon Crown Confederation, Barcelona

Barcelona is the main cultural, economic and financial center in southwest Europe, as well as the main biotek hub in Spain.

As a leading world city, the influence of Barcelona in global socio-economic affairs is qualified for the status of the global city (beta +).

Barcelona is a transportation center, with the Port of Barcelona to be one of the main European ports

International Airport, Prat Barcelona Airport, which handles more than 50 million passengers per year,

The extensive toll road network, and high -speed railroad lines with links to France and all of Europe.