The Lost City is a comedy film-American Action-Action 2022 directed by Nee Brothers

The project was announced in October 2020, with Bullock joining as a producer and Star and Tatum joined the December

The rest of the cast was announced the following year.

The filming took place in the Dominican Republic from May to August 2021

The missing city premiered in Southwest on March 12, 2022, and theatrically.

The film has earned more than $ 163 million worldwide, making it the ninth best -selling film in 2022.

After the destructive beginning, most of the popularity of Alan's Dash Persona, Loretta was captured by a kidnapper named Abigail Fairfax

Alan, who was quietly captivated by Loretta, watched the abduction.

Loretta and Alan spent one day against Fairfax's accomplices before reaching the nearest village, where after hearing folk songs from local.

In the middle of the credit scene, Jack, after surviving his murder attempt .